Solar Panel


Single Crystal (Half-Cut) 435/440/445W

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12% more power than
conventional module

Lower power degradation
Lower internal current
Lower hot spot temperature

Outstanding mechanical
load resistance

Anti-PID Test

Great Durability against
extreme conditions

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What is a half-cut cell?

A solar panel (solar module) consists of what is called a cell (power generation element). A half-cut cell is a cell that is half the size of the conventional one.
The half-cut cell is about half the size of a normal cell, and it is said that power generation efficiency is improved by reducing the electrical resistance. Even in the hot summer months, it is possible to prevent a drop in conversion efficiency due to high temperatures, and it can be expected to generate power more efficiently.

 Advantages of half-cut cell

What is a half-cut cell?


Electrical Parameters Standard Test Conditions
Module Type     10FF-435M-144 10FF-440M-144 10FF-445M-144
Power Output Pmax W 435 440 445
Power Tolernace △Pmax W   0 / +5W  
Module Efficiency ηm % 19.69 19.92 20.14
Voltage at Pmax Vm % 40.7 40.8 40.9
Current at Pmax Im A 10.69 10.78 10.88
Open-Circuit Voltage Voc V 49.5 49.6 49.7
Short-Circuit Current Isc A 11.25 11.34 11.45
STC: 1000w/㎡ irradiance, 25℃ module temperature, AM1.5


Nominal Operating Cell Temperature NOCT 45±2
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax γ %/℃ -0.360
Temperature Coefficient of Voc βvoc %/℃ -0.290
Temperature Coefficient of Isc αisc %/℃ +0.049


Max.System Voltage NOCT
Max.Series Fuse Rating γ
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~85℃
Max Static Snow Load 5400Pa
Max Static Wind Load 3800Pa
Application Class A


Front Cover (material / type / thickness) low-iron tempered grass / 3.2mm
Cell (quantity / material / type / dimension) 144 / monocrystalline / 166×83mm
Encapsulant (material) ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
Frame (material / anodization color) anodized aluminium alloy / silver or black
Junction Box (protection degree) IP68
Cable (length / cross-sectional area) 1200mm / 4㎟
Plug Connector MC4 compatible


Dimension (L/W/H) 2108 / 1048 / 40㎜
Weight 24.2kg


Pallet Size (L/W/H) 2150 / 1120 / 2500㎜
Pallet Weight 1406kg
Pieces per Pallet 54pcs
Pieces per Container 594pcs


IE 61215,IEC61730
ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management systems)
ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management systems)
OHSAS 18001:2015 (Occupational health and safety)


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