What is STONE FLOOR, a new material that turns into tiles?

It has a sophisticated atmosphere, many designs, and can be combined with the interior to create a modern or classical space. "Tiles"
Durable and easy to maintain, such as restaurants, hotels, and homes. But it is a very popular material.
However, due to the nature of typical tiles, which are made of stone, they have the disadvantages that they feel cold in the winter and that they are heavy and difficult to handle during construction.
The stone floor is a new material tile that overcomes the disadvantages such as the difficulty of handling such stone tiles.
The stone floor is 70% stone and 30% resin.
Therefore, while maintaining the sophisticated texture and high durability of tiles, we have overcome the disadvantages such as difficulty of construction and coldness, and we have also realized the provision at a lower cost than stone tiles. .. It can be widely used not only in housing but also in commercial spaces such as hotels and shops.